AGCO Reman - Certified AGCO Remanufactured Parts.

Benefits of Choosing AGCO Reman Parts

Reduced repair time with a drop-in solution means more time in the field

Generally 25–40% cheaper than new parts

Incorporate the latest engineering specifications and are validated to meet or exceed the performance of AGCO Geniune OE parts

Backed by the guarantee of the 1-year OE warranty

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Reman vs. repair

With time and cost savings along with a full warranty, the value of AGCO Reman is easy to see.

Reman vs. Repair

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Remanufacturing process

Reman parts are inspected and tested at every step of the remanufacturing process. Transforming a returned core into an AGCO Reman part is a thorough, multi-step procedure, which a rebuilt or repaired part doesn't follow. Because of the sophisticated steps we require, all AGCO Reman parts are guaranteed with the same warranty as a new AGCO part.

AGCO Reman Remanufacturing Process

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Reman Part Options

From engine and related components to transmissions, hydraulics to gearboxes, fuel components and technology, AGCO Reman has an expanding portfolio of optinos for AGCO-branded equipment. AGCO Reman provides the quality, reliability and value that you and your customers want.

Types of Reman Parts

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Environmental benefits

The Reman process requires up to 80% less energy and material than the manufacturing of a new part. Each year, AGCO dealers return more than half a million pounds of cores to our core center, keeping that material out of the scrap yard. Returning a core is essential to the availability of AGCO Reman parts. Our goal is to continue to increase the number of pounds collected.

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The Remanufacturing Process