Protecting children on your farm

SMART Safety Children

As confident as some children may seem around the farm they are still exposed to high levels of risk. They can be injured or killed by machines or animals and are particularly susceptible to dangers in the farmyard. It is your responsibility to keep your farm as child-safe as possible or keep children away.

Anytime children under 16 spend on the farm needs to be planned and fully supervised by an adult not engaged in any work activity. If children are present on the farm make sure everyone who works there knows. 

Here are some other things to remember.


Keep children away from machines

  • Children should not be in areas where vehicles are moving.
  • If you carry children (or adults) in a farm trailer ensure they have a secure seating area and are supervised throughout the journey. 
  • Always remove keys, lock your cab and ensure your front loaders are lowered to the ground.
  • Check the law where you are because in many countries children under the age of 13 years old are specifically prohibited from driving or riding on any agricultural machinery. 
  • Ensure your vehicles have good all-round visibility so you can see children – check and clean mirrors and windows daily. 

Protect children from farm animals

  • Large farm animals can unintentionally injure or kill children, so keep children away from areas with penned animals.
  • Be extra vigilant around animals with young.
  • Ensure all veterinary medicines are securely locked away.

General risks around the farm for children

  • Ensure children cannot get into grain bins.
  • Keep chemical stores securely locked at all times.
  • Consider installing sheet gates which cannot be climbed.
  • Haystacks may look like fun but have the potential to collapse. Keep ladders away and always check for signs that children might be playing inside the stack before working on it.