7 things you need to know about slurry

29th September 2022

SMART Safety Slurry

  1. ONE BREATH CAN KILL – slurry gas at the right concentration will kill. The most dangerous gas, hydrogen sulphide can attack your sense of smell, even at low concentrations, meaning you are not even aware of it. At higher concentration it will impact breathing and lead to confusion and eventually collapse. 
  2. Many people have drowned in or been asphyxiated by slurry or slurry gas - often a second person trying a rescue is killed too.
  3. Securely fence off lagoons, pits and tanks to stop anyone falling or climbing in. Keep everybody well away from areas that store slurry. 
  4. Carefully plan slurry stirring and pumping tasks. Keep unauthorised people away.
  5. Mix or stir on a windy day, always mix from a position outside any building. Stirring inside a building needs more safety measures and should be avoided.
  6. Gas is released as soon as mixing starts.
  7. No one should have access to the area where slurry is being stirred until at least 30 minutes after the work is complete.