The cycle on your farm is relentless and your machinery is vital. An out of season inspection by your Challenger dealer is time well spent.

Challenger Out of Season Servicing

Your Challenger dealer can tailor an out of season inspection to suit your requirements and your machine availability; from a 15 minute visual inspection, to a half or full-day service inspection. Our dealer technicians have the latest training. They’ll be quick, efficient and give you great value for their hourly rate.

An out of season inspection means:

  • A no obligation, comprehensive fault and condition report including items to keep an eye on and a timescale for any essential work.
  • Reduced risk of downtime 
  • Peak machine efficiency 
  • Minimised crop loss 

For the most efficient out of season inspection and right first time repairs call your Challenger dealer now.

Post-Season Inspection

Your machinery has been working hard all season so before you put it into storage, or start the next round of work, get it inspected by your Challenger dealer. This will ensure minimum deterioration of machines stored during the winter, a speedier start up next season, and continued efficiency for the machines you use all year round.

Pre-Season Inspection

If it's been a while since your machinery was inspected, your Challenger dealer can recommend an option to suit you, from a visual check, an inspection with a comprehensive fault and condition report through to a full service and inspection. Meaning you have the information you need to make smart decisions for the year ahead.

Get the most out of your machine this season with a pre-season inspection from your Challenger dealer.



Five key reasons you should have your AGCO machine checked out of season by your AGCO dealer.