Genuine Fendt accessories from AGCO Parts offer the same high levels of durability performance and engineering standards expected of the Fendt machine.

Dealer Fit Accessories for your Fendt

Our dealer fit accessories are:

  • Genuine factory engineered and approved parts
  • Homologation tested and legislation compliant
  • Superior high quality and finish
  • AGCO Parts 12 month warranty as standard on all Genuine Accessories*

The comprehensive range includes front weights and rear hitches, external lighting and technology solutions such as Section Control, VariotronicTI and VarioGuide, all covered by AGCO Parts 12 month warranty*.


Fendt accessories fitted to a machine with extended warranty within the first 12 months of registration by the dealer are covered for the period of warranty remaining.

Please note that machines and accessories may not be available in all markets.

*Terms and conditions apply and are available on request. Exclusions may apply.


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    An integral part of setting up the machine is ensuring the correct ballast is used. AGCO Parts offer a range of genuine cast iron weights, designed by Fendt engineering to ensure optimum ballast for the task in hand.

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    Front Linkage and PTO

    Ensure your linkage meets factory specified tolerance, performance and superior installation standards by insisting on genuine front linkage and PTO products available through AGCO Parts.

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    Front Fender and Rear Mudguard Kits

    Replace or upgrade your tractor with genuine fender and mudguard kits designed by Fendt to ensure wheel clearance conformity and durability. Pivoting front fenders and rear mudguard extension kits provide clear visibility and protect the cab glass from potential damage from debris thrown up from the wheels.

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    Fendt Cargo

    Designed, engineered and built by Fendt for Fendt. No other loader solution offers the Fendt Cargo’s superior integration with the tractor and high quality performance. Whether you are moving silage or earth, grain or hay, the Fendt Cargo is the ultimate loader. The Fendt CargoProfi offers an intelligent front loader. Featuring an integrated weighing system, programmable work parameters and previous setting recall. All controlled and displayed through the Varioterminal. This enables the operator to restrict beam height if working in a confined space or monitor the weight not only of each load lifted but also the total weight of a complete job.

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    Rear Hitches

    There is a wide range of hitch designs to enable your Fendt to be equipped with your preferred rear towing solution for haulage or implement attachment.

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    Compressed Air & Hydraulic Solutions

    Whether it is a compressed air system, additional spool valves or larger capacity hydraulic pump required, there is a robust range of Fendt engineered solutions available.

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    Auxiliary Lighting

    Take a look at the Fendt range of work lamps and rotating beacons to ensure the very best 24 hour visibility of implements at work.

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    Engine & Transmission Pre-Heaters

    Ensuring that even in the harshest environments, your Fendt will be ready for action.

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    Operator Environment

    From pollution filters and genuine Fendt seating, for superb comfort and cabin integration to accessory rails and mounts for electronic devices. Fendt offer a range of in cab accessories to further improve comfort and functionality.

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    Baler Accessories

    Exclusive to the Large Square Baler, a range of Hesston factory engineered and approved kits to assist productivity are available. Electronic bale weight and length kits can be controlled from the comfort of the cabin. There are also convenience features such as the hitch extension, rear camera and hydraulic parking jack.

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Dealer Fit Accessories, designed by Fendt, for Fendt.

Watch our short baler animation to see the electronic bale weight in action and the information shown on the driver terminal.