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Find your comfort zone


Farming with comfort means you can meet the challenge of long hours.

Free yourself from fatigue and stay alert longer by creating a cab space that works for you. Welcome to the Comfort Zone.

Impact productivity from inside your cab

Working with comfort means you work at your best. Valtra has specialised products designed to enhance performance from inside the cab. Optimal vision, lumbar support, feature unlock and a healthy, clean cab environment will put you at the top of your game.

Smart safety

Seat Evolution

It’s not just a place to sit. Today a Valtra operator seat can do so much more. Let it take the pain out of long hours by minimising your exposure to vibration and maximising support for your spine. Protect your seat with a Genuine Valtra tailor-fit seat cover.


Create your cab

Keep your coolKeep your cool

When your cab environment is right, you perform at your best. Good ventilation keeps fatigue at bay. Stay healthy, free from pollen and dust by ensuring proper cab ventilation. Make time now to book a service for your air conditioning and breathe easy this season.

Stay safe with an extra pair of eyesStay safe with an extra pair of eyes

Keep a close eye on the task at hand - monitor your field implement or machine from the safe comfort of the cab.

Visibly better lightingVisibly better lighting

When natural light is hard to come by, Genuine AGCO work lights take the lead. Rigorously tested and manufactured to the highest standards, they won't let you down.

Storage solutionsStorage solutions

Keep misplacing your mobile? It’s time to declutter your cab. With a Valtra phone holder your mobile will always be in easy reach. Make your cab an efficient place to work with document and cup holders. Treat yourself to a cool drink on a long day with a customised fridge for your cab.

Weather-proof protectionWeather-proof protection

Tough, durable floor mats provide you with day-to-day anti-trip and non-slip protection for your cab, whatever the weather.

Upgrade your entertainment optionsUpgrade your entertainment options

DAB, Bluetooth, iPod and phone connectivity - there's a wealth of fuss-free and full-works options at your fingertips with the Genuine AGCO radio range.

The very best care for your cabThe very best care for your cab

There's a wide range of care products on offer, including interior cleaners and exterior shine shampoo to help keep your machine looking its finest.

A clearer viewA clearer view

Concerned about visibility from your cab? Your dealer can help – ask about wiper blades, wiper motors and reservoirs, as well as glass and mirrors.

SMART FarmingSmart Farming

Unlock your machine’s potential

The demands on farming are ever growing and you are forever adapting. Thankfully your Valtra machine can also adapt to improve productivity and efficiency. From Valtra Rate Control and Section Control to Valtra Connect. Use smart solutions to farm with accuracy and reap rewards from savings on fuel and farm essentials like seed and fertiliser.

Smart safety

SMART Safety

A comfortable, work-friendly cab will improve your productivity but importantly, it is also a safe way to farm. By creating a stress-free environment, with great, all-round visibility, you can reduce accidents and combat fatigue. Take time to remind yourself of best practice when it comes to farm safety, with these short, helpful and easy-ready guides.


Not just a place to sit.

The Valtra operator seat is your partner in productivity. With evolved lumbar support and reduced vibration you’ll work better, even on your most challenging days. Beat fatigue and stay alert for longer by taking control of your cab comfort.