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Supporting your success this season.


Pre-season Preparation 

Having replacement parts when you need them most is essential to your success this season. Easy access to wear parts and consumables during your busiest times reduces your risk of delay. With a bit of preparation, you can have the essentials you need on your farm - on-hand to keep you going.  

Here to Support You 

You are not alone during the harvest. Your Valtra dealer is as committed as you are to ensuring things run smoothly. SMART Season keeps you in touch with the many ways in which your Valtra dealer can offer you swift in-season support.  

3 Parts You Should Stock On-Farm

Building up a stock of wear parts and consumables on your farm now could be the key to your success this season. The wider the range of Genuine Parts you have on-hand the quicker you’ll resolve issues and reduce your risk of delay.

Keep it Genuine 

Genuine Parts keep your machinery running at peak efficiency and performance, while ensuring maximum uptime during the harvest season. 

With decades of engineering and manufacturing experience under our belts, our Genuine AGCO Parts offer complete reliability and dramatically reduce the risk of expensive repairs and maintenance, to save you time, money and hassle.

Plan for Success

There are many parts you could stock, some very specialist, others quite generic but here is our suggestion for 3 parts you shouldn’t be without if you are planning a smooth and successful season.

  • Air filter

  • Oil filter

  • Linkage part

247 support


If your dealer doesn't have the parts that you need in stock, they can make use of the AGCO Parts '24/7'* scheme, requesting out-of-hours dispatch of parts and emergency delivery. Minimal downtime, maximum output.

Smart season


We asked Berto Martino from società agricola Tenuta Berto, in Italy about his preparations for the season and what sort of in-season support he would want.