Feel What it is like to connect

  • Your day shouldn't be all work

    Your entire day shouldn’t just be about working

    Offering you support to be at your most effective on the farm. Valtra Connect is the assistance you need to make your best farming decisions. With Valtra Connect you can get the job done quicker and more efficiently, leaving extra time for you and more time for your family.

  • Intelligent Connection

    Intelligent Connection

    Use this clever telemetry solution for your most cost-effective and productive farming. Valtra Connect gives you access to key performance data at a glance, for example, from your mobile device. It supports you to make important up-to-the-minute decisions on machine adjustments and inputs. No more estimating with this support to farm more efficiently - your best work in the shortest timeframe.

  • Maximise uptime

    Maximise uptime

    With remote diagnostics and quick identification of maintenance needs Valtra Connect reduces lost time waiting for repairs. Getting maximum hours from your machine means getting your work done, leaving more time for the things and people you love.

  • Don’t farm alone

    Don’t farm alone – feel what it’s like to Connect

    Valtra Connect means enhanced dealer support wherever you are. With remote services you don’t need to be in the workshop to get the best machine care. Once you Connect you won’t feel you are farming alone. It’s like having the support and security of a virtual technician each time you farm.

  • Simple to set up, easy to use

    Simple to set up, easy to use

    Connect-ready machines can be activated remotely. You can start benefiting from this smart telemetry solution without leaving your farm. Plus, your data remains protected and secure.

What farmers are saying about Valtra Connect

Testimonial Image’s there as an aid to help us be more efficient. If any fault codes come up on the tractor [the dealer] should be able to help diagnose more accurately what the problem is and either guide us on the phone to what we need to do to get going or come out with the right things to fix the problem.

— Steve Cope, Dairy Farmer

Features andbenefits

Fleet ManagementFleet Management

Simple fleet management using a computer, smartphone or tablet.


Increased economic efficiency and operating material savings thanks to fact-based analysis of the field management.


Effective dealer support via AGCOConnect. Direct help with suitable & fast solutions – Ask about retrofit.

Extended WarrantyExtended Warranty

Benefit from lower prices of extended warranty when your machine operates with Valtra Connect.


Minimised downtime due to early identification of error codes.


Valtra Connect complies with the stringent European IT security standards.


Improved logistics management through notifications when your machines engage in unplanned activity.


Reporting enabling optimised machine adjustments and reduced inputs.

Connect  Download the free Valtra Connect App

Connect for Free*Connect

Connecting is FREE. Plus, you can save 7% on a Valtra Care Extended Warranty when your Valtra machine operates with Connect (valid for specific models). 

*5 years free of charge Connect subscription for first time activations of AGCO machines with a manufacturing date in the last 18 months. All information is correct at time of publication and is subject to change without notice.


Fix your costs and ensure optimum machine performanceValtra Care and Go

  • Prolong the reliable and efficient operation of your Valtra and maximise your uptime with expert maintenance.
  • Protect against unexpected repair costs of non-wearing parts with Valtra Care Extended Warranty.
  • Predict costs with flexible payment options tailored to your needs and spread costs with long-term price packages.
  • Preserve the residual value of your Valtra with genuine & reliable AGCO parts.
  • Partner with Valtra Connect for lower prices on Valtra Care Extended Warranty contracts.
  • Choose your tariff and coverage across the entire Valtra range, with or without excess.
    • Valtra Go: Personalised maintenance with fixed costs. 
    • Valtra Care: Protection against unscheduled repair costs. Reduced diagnosis and repair times by up to 30%*.

*For machines using Valtra Connect