AGCO Parts designs, tests and engineers the genuine parts and products for your hay equipment.

AGCO Parts understands the importance of having the right parts at the right place at the right time. As such, we supply all the parts and accessories you need to ensure your hay equipment is ready to go when you need it. 

We support the parts and accessories needs for the AGCO hay equipment family of brands: AGCO Hesston, Challenger, and Hesston by Massey Ferguson. These include round and square balers, disc mowers,disc mower conditioners, swathers, sickle mowers, rakes, and tedders.

AGCO Parts also has a full-line of hay preservative applicators for AGCO-branded and competitive balers. AGCO's Buffered Acid Hay Preservative enables baling with moisture levels from 16% up to 30% for the best hay. The AGCO HayBoss G2™ and the original HayBoss systems will automatically apply the correct amount of preservative to bale with no waste.

All of our genuine AGCO parts are backed by a 12-month warranty on parts, and a 6 month warranty on dealer installed labor. This warranty is not only one of the best in the industry, it is backed by the full resources of AGCO Parts.


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    Are you looking for a specific component for your tractor? Click here to browse the accessories section of AGCO Parts.

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    There is no better way to maintain the integrity of your equipment then with genuine AGCO parts. Click here to find out more about the various maintenance products we have.

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    A connected farm is an efficient farm. Click here to learn more about Fuse Connected Services.

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    Cutting Parts

    AGCO Parts stocks the cutting parts needed to keep your operation sharp.

    Check out our catalogs here.

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    HayBoss G2 Systems

    The new HayBoss G2 Automatic Hay Preservative Application System has arrived. It has all the features of the original HayBoss plus the G2 Precision Information Processor and will accept add-on modules.

    The G2 Individual Bale Identification System - The G2 Tagger - the first add-on module, proves the high quality of your hay to your buyers!

    From the cab, you set the target application rate using the touchscreen monitor. The HayBoss G2™ and the original HayBoss™ systems do the rest. Hay receives the right amount of preservative (no waste) while you bale at hay moistures between 16% and 30%.

    In addition to the automatic HayBoss G2 and HayBoss systems, electronic and manual models are also available, in 25-, 55- and 110-gallon capacities. Preserve hay quality like never before, with an AGCO baler, AGCO Hay Preservative and the HayBoss monitor system, available only at AGCO Parts dealerships.

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    GMA-Pro Moisture Tester

    Moisture is a challenge. It can damage your grain and pile on hefty fees. A dependable moisture tester is crucial to ensuring your yield is high — and your grain is dry.

    The GMA-Pro Grain Moisture Analyzer

    features advanced technology that helps you keep grain at just the right moisture level, increasing your production and your profits.

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AGCO HayBoss G2 RFV Calculator