Protect your investment with Fendt Services from your dealer. The ultimate in uptime.

Your Service and Maintenance Options

You invested in cutting-edge engineering and design to get the job done right. Keep it that way with Fendt Services.

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    One off Service

    The smartest tool for servicing your Fendt can’t be bought over the counter.

    The technicians at your Fendt dealer have extensive model and system training by Fendt. They also have direct access to Fendt and the very latest technical information for your machine.

    Bringing your machine to your dealer for service is the best way to ensure peak efficiency. Contact your dealer today.

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    Fendt Services – Fendt Care Service and Extended Warranty Contracts

    Fendt Care is what we call our Service contracts and Extended Warranty contracts for new and used Fendt machines. It is a way for you to fix your costs at point of purchasing your Fendt machine, ensure optimum performance, guarantee efficiency and maximise the residual machinery value. Our Fendt Care packages can also be personalised to suit your payment and operating hour requirements:

    Service Contract for Regular Maintenance – Fendt Care Bronze

    This service package includes all prescribed maintenance work bookable up to 10,000 hours for new and used machines. Professional servicing is carried out by Fendt trained technicians (on-site or at your Fendt dealer’s premises) according to manufacturer recommended intervals and checklists.

    Extended Warranty Contract for Repair – ProService Silver

    Our extended warranty contracts offer security against repair costs (except wear) and give you ultimate peace of mind. They are flexible, offering three excess levels - 0€, 190€ or 490€ and are available up to 8 years or 10,000 hours.*

    In addition the programme is administered by Fendt. This means your dealer talks directly to Fendt to make claims on your behalf. It removes the need for third party involvement which can cause claim delays.

    You can apply for an extended warranty up to 12 months after registration of your machine, giving you time to consider operating hours required for coverage. We also offer the possibility to increase an existing extended warranty for longer time periods.

    It is important to note that servicing must be carried out for extended warranty to be valid. This can be on a service contract or on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

    Call your Fendt dealer today to discuss Fendt Care and receive a detailed quotation.

    *Subject to conditions, participating markets and models only



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