• Optimise machine efficiency

    Fuse smart farming technologies support you to get the most out of your Massey Ferguson machine.
  • Centimetre accuracy

    Use Fuse precision guidance with centimetre accuracy to maximise your yield.
  • Up to 10% efficiency gains

    Farm with Fuse precision to reduce your fuel bill and benefit from less waste – allowing you to use expensive resources wisely.
  • FREE Fuse trial

    Experience the difference centimetre accuracy could make on your farm. Ask your Massey Ferguson dealer for a free Fuse trial.

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    Hit your Mark

    In a world of price increases targeting efficiency is a way to keep your costs under control. With Fuse precision farming solutions you could make efficiency savings of up to 10%.

    It’s time to make smart farming part of your strategy. Here’s an opportunity to try centimetre accuracy for yourself and see what impact it has on the way you farm.

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    FREE Fuse Trial

    Book a 10-day Trimble or 30-day NovAtel FREE trial*, including CenterPoint RTX Fast / TerraStar-C (PRO) correction services. Simply contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer for full details. 

    Machine not guide-ready? Call your Massey Ferguson dealer today to find out more about precision farming.

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    Farm Smart

    Rising input costs, regulations, and complexity mean farming is no easy task. But by harnessing precision ag, you can farm faster, more efficiently and more productively. Find out more about the benefits of smart farming.

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    Sustainable Farming

    Drive sustainability on your farm with precision. Use accuracy as a way to consume fewer resources and reduce waste. Limiting overlap with Fuse centimetre accuracy also safeguards plant and soil health by reducing soil compaction.

What farmers are saying about Fuse smart farming

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I can save raw materials on the farm, work more effectively, and manage my organic farm more sustainably...General digitisation such as GPS, Isobus or Section Control has helped me in recent years as it has enabled me to manage my farm more efficiently and better.

— Georg Drexl, Arable Farmer

*AGCO terms and conditions apply. Prerequisites for a 30-day NovAtel trial: Full Guide machines with MF Guide and NovAtel Smart 6 / Smart 7 Receiver with Decimeter accuracy or Master Unlock trial, Trimble 10-day trial: Full Guide machines with MF Guide with AG-382 / AG-482 receiver with centimeter accuracy or Master Unlock trial. All information is correct at time of publication and is subject to change without notice.