Protect your investment in Massey Ferguson with Genuine AGCO Parts. AGCO Parts are the only genuine and original replacement parts for Massey Ferguson.

why buy genuine agco parts for your massey ferguson?

With an unparalleled heritage in agricultural machinery, Massey Ferguson builds THE preferred choice of farm machinery for experienced and professional farmers around the World. And when it comes to Massey Ferguson parts, the genuine choice is the only choice! With hard working components, why ever take the risk of using non-genuine replacement parts?

Genuine AGCO Parts are:

  • Fully tested Massey Ferguson Parts, manufactured to the original specification
  • Right fit, first time, every time
  • Value for money on all Massey Ferguson Parts
  • Reliable Massey Ferguson parts, providing peak performance all year long
  • The best option to avoid costly machine malfunctions, damage and even safety hazards
  • Designed to withstand the most extreme operating conditions (approved by Massey Ferguson Engineering)
  • Covered with AGCO's 12 months warranty* - also including labour when fitted by a Massey Ferguson dealer
  • Identified by the unique AGCO hologram

We offer the most extensive range of Genuine AGCO parts to fit all Massey Ferguson machines. Your Massey Ferguson dealer also stocks a wide range of Genuine AGCO Parts and they are trained, experienced and equipped to provide you with the best advice and technical assistance on all things Massey Ferguson.

For more information contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer.

*Usual exclusions apply e.g. glass and wearing component


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    Performance Parts

    Maintain peak performance of your Massey Ferguson machinery with genuine clutches, engine parts, exhausts, filters, rotating electrics and transmissions. There is no better way to insure against costly downtime than by fitting Genuine AGCO Parts.

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    Safety Critical Parts

    Avoid any risks to either you or your Operators with genuine components for safe and reliable operation. Don’t compromise: - contact your Massey Ferguson dealer about genuine brakes, lighting, linkage, steering, wiper blades and motors.

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    Wear Parts

    Ensure optimum operating efficiency and prevent untimely or costly breakdowns with genuine bearings, belts, bushes and linkage balls.

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    Comfort Parts

    More comfort means less fatigue, increased productivity and profits. Opt for genuine cab parts, trim, seats, glass and mats.

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    Aesthetic Parts

    Keep your Massey Ferguson looking good and maintain its value with genuine sheet metal, paint, doors, grilles and decals.

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    Harvesting Parts

    Keep your Massey Ferguson harvesting machinery running at peak efficiency and to ensure maximum uptime during golden and green harvest opt for genuine knives, chains, fingers and harvesting belts.


Watch our new animation to see how using genuine AGCO Parts air filters benefits your machine's engine and the impact a clogged filter will have on your fuel consumption.

We show you exactly why when it comes to filters 'The Genuine Choice' is the only choice! The full length video also includes tips on how to identify a genuine AGCO Part.

Saving you money, time and hassle! See why it makes clear sense to insist on Genuine AGCO Parts when servicing and maintaining your machinery.


When it comes to maintaining your machine, genuine AGCO Fuel Filters will keep your machine out where it belongs for longer. Imitation filters that don’t meet the specification of your engine could cut the service interval by up to half, and lead to issues costing you crucial time when you need it most.

Bearings, wherever they’re used, endure friction and load forces and are key to ensuring high performance. AGCO Parts always choose the best quality for your Massey Ferguson machine, so that you can focus on the task at hand. Bearings are vital for the efficient operation of your machine and an important part of your machine maintenance.

Don’t risk the integrity of your machine. Always choose genuine AGCO Parts gaskets and seals for optimal performance and efficiency.


When you own a Massey Ferguson machine, you expect reliability. That’s why our AGCO Parts seals and gaskets are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, from the deepest seas to the toughest ground.

When sourcing the bearings for Massey Ferguson machines, we know who to put our complete trust in...

Without proper maintenance, or if using inferior parts, the fuel system becomes less efficient. Original parts from AGCO Parts ensure the best possible performance and efficiency for your machine.